You can view the CORE 2010 Policy Agenda here.
Download the SCORECARD Baseline Report by clicking here.


CORE advocates for regional change that is equitable and sustainable and promotes public health for lower income people and communities of color in the greater Sacramento Region.


[1] With new allies, create a grassroots power base that can positively impact the health and well-being of low income communities and communities of color throughout the region.

[2] Increase transparency of, and public involvement in, regional government.

[3] Advocate for:

[a.] Inclusive communities that have fair access to quality jobs, schools, transportation, and affordable housing

[b.] Walkable neighborhoods that are accessible to all

[c.] Public and Economic investment in existing communities and infrastructure

[d.] Preservation of working farms and recreational open space

[e.] Clean air, water and fresh food options


Regional Equity is a growing national movement of organizations and individuals that realize that land use and planning issues must be addressed at a regional level.  Many of the problems that these organizations advocate for – civil rights, environment, clean air, low income individuals, schools etc. are impacted by land use planning – the ways that communities and metropolitan areas are planned.  In order to address economic development, you have to look to the balance of jobs and housing in communities.  To look at air quality you have to think about how city design promotes public transportation and walk-able communities.  These diverse interests are coming together around a general framework of for growth that promotes equity, health and economic development. 

In order to effect change, this movement must look beyond the traditional jurisdictions of cities, counties and states, but must look at how inner cities, suburbs and rural areas are all interconnected. Suburban sprawl affects housing prices and agriculture in rural areas while it pulls tax dollars out of cities.  The economies and communities of these jurisdictions are connected and the policies that affect the region must also interconnect.

The Sacramento Housing Alliance is the fiscal agent for CORE. Donations from this page will be directed to CORE.

Coalition on Regional Equity
Objectives of CORE
What is Regional Equity?

Affordable Housing
Environmental Issues
Community Health

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